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Lead and zinc ore processing technique

Lead and zinc ore processing technique

Lead and zinc ore mainly consists of sulphide and oxide ore. Most of the lead and zinc metal was extracted from sulphide ore. Only small proportion of the metal extracted. Sulphide lead and zinc ore reserve volume and distribution is much more than oxide deposit.

Lead and zinc ore application

Lead and zinc ore has a wide range of uses, the world' main consumption of lead is mainly concentrated in the lead-acid batteries, chemicals, lead plate, lead pipes, solder and lead bullets field, of which more than 80% of lead is used in the production of lead-acid batteries.

Lead and zinc ore processing technique

Lead and zinc ore processing include: crushing, grinding and beneficiation.

1. Crushing

Within crushing process, closed-circuit crushing three sections is for high hardness lead-zinc ore crushing, which can complete ore crushing and partial dissociation work, thereby improving the efficiency of the subsequent grinding.

2. Grinding

Grinding process uses a two-stage grinding process closed, which can make lead and zinc ore mill more fully.

3. Beneficiation

The more successful and representative new technology which emerged in recent years is bulk flotation process. Different beneficiation methods were adopted according to different ore character. Sulphide ore always use floating method which concludes direct differential flotation, partial bulk flotation, all sulphide mineral flotation and other flotation. Oxide ore is always using flotation, or combination of gravity and flotation. But for polymetal lead and zinc ore, always use magnetic-flotation, gravity-flotation, and gravity-magnetic- flotation.


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