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Copper Ore Processing Technology

Copper Ore Processing Technology

Copper ore become higher grade copper concentrate containing copper or copper ore after beneficiation, copper concentrate need to go through smelting in order to become refined copper and copper products.

Copper ore application

The development of the manufacturing sector is inseparable from the use of copper, according to the US Copper Development Association (CDA) released report: In the 21st century,copper ore is most widely used in the electrical and electronic industry, mainly for mobile phones, computers and other manufacture of electronic products,the largest amount of the total consumption is more than half.

Copper ore processing technique

The first stage of any copper ore processing in most of copper and cu polymetallic ore deposits exploration and mining in the world, is to getting the concentrate with beneficiation process. And then get copper metal by concentrate smelting. Copper beneficiation methods are mainly flotation, magnetic separation, gravity, chemical and biohydrometallurgy.

1. Single Sulfide ores

Single Sulfide ores always adopt flotation. According to the property of the polymetallic sulphide ore, bulkflotation, differential flotation, combination of gravity separation& floating, combination of magnetic & floating and combination of floating& hydrometallurgy can be used for the mineral process.

2. Oxide copper

Oxide copper can be concentrated using combination of floating& chemical processing and combination of floating& segregation processing. Ore with high percentage of bound type oxidized copper are processed by chemical processing.

3. Mixed ore

Mixed ore always can be handled individually or together with sulfide ore using floatation process. Mixed ore may be treated via several processes, such as combination of floatation & chemical process, which means that get copper concentrate by floatation and then treat the tailings in chemical processing.

copper ore processing

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Country: Iran

Beneficiation Technologies: Mineral Crushing, Heap Leaching, Extraction and Electrolysis


  • 1. Low investment cost
  • 2. Compared with Pyrometallurgy, the production cost is low.
  • 3. No waste gas and no waste water
  • 4. The extraction agent is easy to get and the price is quite low.

Machinery required


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