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Iron Ore Processing Technology

Iron Ore Processing Technology

Iron is found earliest, most extensive use, and also the largest amount of metal consumption in the world, accounting for about 95 percent of its consumption in the total consumption of the metal. There are many types of iron ore, which have been found in minerals and iron-bearing mineral is about 300 species, of which there are more than 170 common species. However, under current state of technology, having industrial value is mainly magnetite, hematite, titanium, etc.

Iron ore application

Iron ore is an important raw material for steel producers, generally less than 50% grade iron ore can be smelting for use after beneficiation. Iron ore is also used as a catalyst for ammonia (pure magnetite), natural mineral pigments (hematite, limonite), feed additives (magnetite, hematite,) and valuable constructive criticism (magnetite) and the like.

Iron ore processing technique

Natural minerals (iron ore) should go through crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, and gradually re-election and other procedures to get final iron. The processing technique, no matter for single separation method or for combined process, vary according to different types of ores.

iron ore processing


Magnetite is a kind of high-gradient mineral ore, so through weak-gradient magnetic separating, can get high-grade and high-recovery iron concentrate. If the ore is mixed by wall rocks while mining or there are some monomer gangue minerals in different stages of crushing, it shall be pre-concentrated by dry magnetic separator before ore grinding to reduce beneficiation infrastructural investment, lower production cost and save energy.

Weakly magnetic iron ore

Hematite and other hybrid iron ore, which is also called "red ore". Such ore is characterized by low grade, disseminated fine grain size, complex mineral composition, so beneficiation is more difficult. After the 1980s, beneficiation technology, especially the study of roasting, wet high intensity magnetic separation, weakly magnetic flotation and re-election and also other processes, equipment, and new varieties of pharmacy continues to improve, which makes better to get concentrate grade, metal recovery.

Multi-metal total (with) ore

Such minerals are complicated, diverse, therefore methods, equipment and processes for beneficiation are different. Generally use reverse flotation - much gradient magnetic separation, flocculation flotation, weak magnetic - reverse flotation - strong magnetic separation, weakening - positive flotation, roasting and other processes, so as to enhance the recovery of iron and comprehensive recovery of rare earth oxides.

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