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Manganese Ore Processing Technology

Manganese Ore Processing Technology

Manganese, which belongs to lithophile, composes of oxide (hydroxide) and oxysalt. Manganese materialknownhave more than 150 kinds, respectively belonging to oxidize manganese, carbonate manganese and sulphur manganese and so on, widely distributed in nature.

Manganese ore application

Manganese is widely used in various fields of national economy.The most important application of manganese ore is the steel industry,which accounts for 90%~95%, mainly as a smelting process deoxidizer and desulfurizer, as well as the manufacture of alloys. The remaining 5%~10% manganese is used in other industries, such as chemical industry, light industry , building materials industry, defense industry , the electronics industry,environmental protection and animal husbandry etc. In short, manganese has very important strategic position in the economic industry.

Number Name content/% Main application
  1   Manganese productsMetallurgical grade manganese ore
(1) Metallurgy manganese lump ore 25-40 smeltingManganesealloy, puddling ingredients,Additive and antioxidant for steelmaking, Rich manganese residue and production of manganese metal
(2) Roastingsinter ore 25-35 smeltingManganesealloy,puddlingburdening, production of Rich manganese residue
(3) Pellet 30-45 smeltingManganesealloy
(4) Metallurgy manganese powder ore 20-30 Production sinter ore, puddlingburdening、manufacture MnO and MnSO4
(5) Rich manganese residue 35-40 Used inManganese siliconalloy and manganese ironproductionburdening
2 (6) Battery Grade Manganese ore 55-75(MnO2) manufacturebatterymanganese powder
(7) Battery Manganese ore 65-75(MnO2) manufacturedry battery
3 (8) Chemical level Manganese ore 50-85(MnO2) manufacture chemical manganese powder,water purificationfilter sand, Nitrogen fertilizer production desulfurization,electrode covering andSolder production.
(9) Chemical level Manganese ore 50-85(MnO2) manufactureManganese Salts,environmental protection,ceramics,Glass production,Nonferrous metallurgy,Light industry,chemical industry, the oxidant ofPharmaceutical production,Matchpadding andoxidant.


carbonic acid Manganese ore 20-25 manufactureelectrolysismanganese metal,electrolytic manganese dioxide and sulfate manganese

Manganese oreprocessing technique

Common beneficiation processing to manganese ore

Washing and screening

Washing is to use water to wash or subjoin machinery to scrubbing, which makes ore and mud separation.Common equipment has washing screen, drum washing machine and the groove type machine for washing ore. Washing ore accompany with screening, like directly making water to wash in the vibrating screen or make ore sand (net ore) gained by washing ore machine screening. Screening can be used as independent operation.


Manganese oxide, like hard manganese ore, soft manganese ore and braunite, is the density of 4g/cm3, and has a big difference from silicic acid salt gangue in density. Majority can adopt gravity, but carbonic acid manganese ore most use the heavy media - strong magnetic separation combined process. The beginning is to abandon surrounding rock, and then for beneficiation deeply.


Manganese belong to weak magnetic mineral( susceptibility X=10×10-6-600×10-6cm ³/g). In the magnetic field intensity Ho = 800 ~ 1600 kA/m (10000 ~ 20000oe) of strong magnetic field in magnetic separator can be recycled. General manganese grade can improve the grade of 4% ~ 10%.

Roasting-magnetic separation

The roasting of carbonic acid manganese oreismainly to remove the volatile matterCO2 and crystal water, making it become manganese oxide so that improve the grade of manganese. As is known that manganese ore mainly composes of oxide (hydroxide) and oxysalt,so the next is special description on carbonate manganese ore and manganese oxide beneficiation methods.

Carbonate manganese ore beneficiation methods and process

The main mineral in carbonate manganese ore including rhodochrosite, carhodochrosite, manganese calcite and siderite manganese ore. The major ingredient of gangue mineral is silicate and carbonate minerals, and often accompanied with sulfur and iron impurities. Its composition is rather complex, the manganese mineral size down to a few microns, hard to dissociation, and difficult to obtain a higher concentrate grade. High intensity magnetic separation, heavy media beneficiation and flotation method are often used in beneficiating carbonate manganese ores.Sedimentary sulfur manganese carbonate ore generally adopt sequential flotation process in line with the order of carbonaceous shale, pyrite and manganese mineral. The epithermal containing lead and zinc carbonate manganese ore generally use flotation - intensity magnetic separation. Some sulfur-rich manganese ore, the main manganese ore is sulfur manganese ore, roasting method is commonly used in sulfur removal. Some rich carbonate manganese ore also use roasting method to remove volatile components and get the finished ore.

Manganeseoxide ore beneficiation methods and process

The main manganese mineral in manganeseoxide ore including psilomelane, pyrolusite and manganite, The major ingredient of gangue mineral is silicate and carbonate minerals, and often accompanied with iron, phosphorus, nickel and cobalt etc. Heavy media beneficiation is mainly used in manganeseoxide ore. Weathered manganeseoxide ore often contains a lot of slime and ore fines, so usually use ore washing-heavy media beneficiation. Via ore washing, the raw ore remove the pulp to get the net ore. Some net ore can act as finished ore, and the others need to use jigging and shaking for re-election. Beneficiation overflow sometimes need to adopt heavy media beneficiation and high intensity magnetic separation for further recovery. Some sedimentary manganese oxide ore, due to mining dilution, usually adopt heavy media beneficiation and jigging to remove gangue, and get the massive concentrate.

Manganese ore products quality standard and industrial index

The application of manganese material has a very long history.According to the records,the world's earliest countries that making use of manganese ore are Egypt, Rome, India and China. In modern industry, manganese and its compounds are used in various fields of national economy.Manganese ore products quality standardand industrial index are as follows:

Technical requirements for metallurgical manganese

Type Grade Chemical composition(quality score)
Mn/% A:Mn/Fe; B:Mn+Fe P/Mn S/Mn
A AMn ≥44.0 15 10 3 0.0015 0.0025 0.0060 0.02 0.05
AMn 40.0-<44.0
AMn 36.0-<40.0
AMn 32.0-<36.0
AMn 28.0-<32.0 10 5 2
AMn 24.0-<28.0
AMn 22.0-<24.0
B BMn ≥21.0 55 45 35 0.0025 0.010 Unlimited 0.01 Unlimited
BMn 19.0-<21.0
BMn 17.0-<19.0
BMn 15.0-<17.0

Chemical composition for metallurgical manganese ore(YB/T319-2005)

Industrial index for metallurgical manganese ore

Type Industrial classification Grade Mn/%   Mn+Fe/%   Mn/Fe Each 1% manganese allows phosphorus content /%   SiO2/%
Cutoff grade Single engineering cutoff grade for Single engineering
Oxidation manganese ore Rich manganese ore 30 40 - ≥6 ≤0.004 ≤15
25 35 - ≥4 ≤0.005 ≤25
18 30 - ≥3 ≤0.006 ≤35
Poor manganese ore   10 18 - - - -
Iron manganese ore 20 25 ≥50 - ≤0.2(phosphorus content) ≤25
15 20 ≥40 - ≤0.2(phosphorus content) ≤25
10 15 ≥30 - ≤0.2(phosphorus content) ≤35
Carbonic acid manganese ore Rich manganese ore 15 25   ≥3 ≤0.005 ≤25
Poor manganese ore 10 15   - - -
Iron manganese ore 10 15 ≥25 - ≤0.2(phosphorus content) ≤35
Spartaite 8 12 Alkaline ore

Technical requirements for manganese ore of blast furnace manganese iron in china

No. Alloy main ingredients Technical requirements for manganese ore
Mn/%≥ P/%≤ Mn/%≥ Mn/Fe≥ P/Mn≤
GFeMn76 76.0 0.33-0.50 30 7.0 0.005
GFeMn72 72.0 0.38-0.50 30 5.0 0.005
GFeMn68 68.0 0.40-0.60 30 4.0 0.005
GFeMn64 64.0 0.40-0.60 30 3.0 0.005
GFeMn60 60.0 0.50-0.60 30 2.5 0.005
GFeMn56 56.0 0.50-0.60 30 2.0 0.005
GFeMn52 52.0 0.50-0.60 30 2.0 0.005

Machinery required:


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