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Technical Services

Testing & Researching

1 Sampling
2 Assay and analysis of the mineral
3 Confirm the mineral processing method
4 Various technological beneficiation processes and technological conditions exploratory
5 Confirm the testing program
6 Analysis and optimize the best program
7 Establish the test report

Engineering Design

1 Design task planning
2 Design program professionally
3 Designed proposal argumentation and overall plan confirmation
4 Amend specialized program according to the overall program
5 Exchange design condition and program mutually among different specialty
6 Design the project blue print
7 Check up and sign
8 The translation and archiving of design material

Installation & Commissioning

We have professional project managers and engineer teams to instruct our customers and their workers to do the installation and commissioning work or supply the turn-key service.

Training and Management

Our engineers will instruct customers` staff to do the installation and maintenance work and carry out technical training according to different specialties and relevant positions. And we can send our operation team to supply the factory operation service to do the project base one EPCM basis or just send our supervisor to guide the customer’s team to operate the plant.